Monday, 21 September 2015


A group of 30 young boys and girls assaulted four people in a “completely unprovoked” attack in Thornton Heath.
Police are appealing to anyone who witnessed the assault in Bensham Lane at about 6.30pm on Saturday, August 22 to come forward.
Hmmm, any descriptions?
Police described the suspects as young boys and girls and said it was a completely unprovoked attack.
OK, that’s not what I meant, but still..! I guess this was just targeted at other young people their age?
Four victims, aged 18, 24, 31 and 45, sustained scratches and bruises during the attack.
Hmmm. Guess not!

*Children Of No Appearance


The Cowboy Online said...

And 'Comments are closed' for the story, looks like no-one really wants their appearance, or lack thereof, being discussed.

Trevor said...

Not as novel an event as you'd think. I've not been able to find anything online about this (it must have been way back before the mid-nineties!) but I do remember an incident in Birmingham when about thirty children aged from seven to early-teens poured on to a bus travelling through a particularly enriched part of the city and proceeded to rob and assault the (mainly adult) passengers. The driver made for the nearest police station (that's how long ago it was) where the horde decamped. I don't recall ever seeing any follow-up reports about it - but then many of these incidents seem to elude local journalists.

Ed P said...

But why is "completely unprovoked" in inverted commas?
Were the lovable little urchins actually provoked?

Or is it just the usual dismally low standards of local newpaper "journalism"?
(See what I did there?)

Andy said...

It's called teenage violence in the US. Everyone knows who that refers to.

MTG said...

OK. It is a problem.

JuliaM said...

"And 'Comments are closed' for the story..."

I'm seeing that more and more in local newspapers, and not just on crime-related stories, either...

"I don't recall ever seeing any follow-up reports about it..."

There's been none about this one either.

"Were the lovable little urchins actually provoked?"

I wonder. A disparate group of provokers, if so!

"It's called teenage violence in the US. Everyone knows who that refers to."

Teenagers Of No Appearance..?

"OK. It is a problem."

An increasing one.