Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Questions Need To Be Asked…

Horrific footage has captured the moment a heroic dad had his hands ripped to shreds after throwing himself in the path of a Japanese Akita dog determined to attack his baby son.
The 27-year-old has been receiving hospital treatment for the last three days after suffering more than 50 bite wounds to his arms in the incident on Marton Road in Middlesbrough.
The footage is horrific, and there are questions to answer:
“My mate got a piece of wood and started swinging at it. If it wasn’t for him, I could have been dead.
To be fair to the owner, he came out and tried to call it off. He tried to hit it with a slipper but it turned on him as well.
“My mate was hitting it with the wood but it wasn’t having any affect, and the owner shouted “just kill it” .
But nobody else stopped or tried to help.“
What sort of man owns a dog like this? I think we all know.
The victim said he has been to James Cook University Hospital every day for treatment since the attack, which took place at around 6.45pm on Monday.
A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said the dog was “humanely destroyed” by rifle officers at around 11pm that evening at the owner’s request.
The force today said inquiries are continuing into the incident, but no arrests have been made.
Why did it take over three hours for this animal to be destroyed? And why has no arrest of the owner been made?

I really don’t think anyone shown this video can deny that this dog is ‘dangerously out of control in a public area’, can they? It should be open and shut!


MTG said...

Very sad, all round...I even feel sorry for this dog. Reducing risks to an acceptable level requires very early identification of such animals, together with appropriate measures to protect anyone, or any creature, from seriously injurious attacks.
If the government cannot or will not, effectively regulate this growing menace, citizens should carry appropriate weapons to afford protection in default.

Anonymous said...

A case for Clarkson's Law?

ivan said...

Was the dog owner a MONA perchance? It would explain the delay as well as his trying to hit the dog with a slipper.

John M said...

I feel sad for the dog as well. I know someone with an Akita and it's the softest, kindest thing in the world.

Truth is, it's bad owners who create the behaviour problems in these animals. They buy they as trophies, encourage them to be aggressive, don't train them, don't exercise or love them - and this kind of thing is the result.

James Higham said...

I like that "humanely destroyed". How is that done?

JuliaM said...

"I even feel sorry for this dog."

Me too, but I still want to see it gone. Though the owner will no doubt acquire another four-legged burglar deterrent.

"Was the dog owner a MONA perchance?"

I did wonder...

"Truth is, it's bad owners who create the behaviour problems in these animals."

Undoubtedly. That's why they too should be humanely destroyed along with their beasts.

"I like that "humanely destroyed". How is that done?"

Hopefully, better than the attempts of Yorkshire plod to put down a couple of horses...