Wednesday, 16 September 2015

More Like Judge Jack, Please!

Judge Jack said a letter Adams had written to him "missed the point".
He said: "You still say you can't account for the actions of another person taken outside your home. That appears to be blaming other people for what happens and that completely misses the point.
"The dogs should never have been outside in the first place. You do not seem to grasp you have a serious responsibility."
Well, she’s no doubt managed to evade any up until now.
Michelle Adams, 47, was warned to keep her dogs under proper control in 2013, after neighbours reported them hounding and attacking members of the public.
On that occasion a contingent destruction order was imposed, meaning her two lurchers and a Jack Russell were allowed to return to her home in Padstow Close, on the condition of being inside or on a lead at all times.
Despite this, residents frequently spotted them roaming the area alone, Hull Crown Court heard yesterday.
And inevitably, one bit a girl of eight.
Following the attack, all three dogs were seized by police.
Too little, too late.

Did the neighbours not report the dogs to the authorities, or did the authorities – as usual – do the square root of sod all about the reports?

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