Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hands Up, Who Really Believes This Is A Purebred Staffie..?

A man was left with serious injuries after the dog he was caring for suddenly attacked him.
The animal, believed to be a Staffordshire Bull terrier, turned on the man in the back garden of a property in Garretts Walk, Druids Heath, on Wednesday.
The man managed to release the dog from the grip of his arm and escape into the shed, where he remained until the emergency services arrived.
Sadly, police didn’t shoot the thing on the spot, thus saving the taxpayer the kennel boarding fee.
The dog has been seized.
Police are now trying to trace the owner of the dog and are taking statements from witnesses to establish how the incident occurred.
Well, it should be easy because surely the victim knows who he was looking after the dog for?


Ted Treen said...

1) Staffies aren't big
2) If the 'victim' was caring for the dog, surely he knows the owner.
3) This doesn't make sense.

Andy said...

Nah, the victim ain't coughing up. The owner threatened to set his bitch on him if he did. Now, that dog's fearsome, but take a look at the bitch.

JuliaM said...

"1) Staffies aren't big"

I think they come in two sizes (at least, purebreds do) - smallish and medium.

"Now, that dog's fearsome, but take a look at the bitch."