Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Let’s Play Catch 22, Special Disability Edition!

First, complain when there’s no access:
The Press revealed last October that a number of city centre shop entrances were not conforming with the Disability Discrimination Act, which states stores should be accessible for all.
By going out with Laura Branigan, a mobility scooter user, we found one of the shops letting down their customers was Thomas the Baker, in Market Street.
The store's large step made it impossible for Ms Branigan to go inside and staff said they were unable to put a portable ramp in place because the building is Listed.
However, the York-based company has changed its policy and says it now has a portable ramp, and staff are trained to serve disabled customers at the entrance.

Now, step 2, complain about the provision of access!
But the move has been met with a mixed response from disability groups in York, who still want more to be done.
Ms Branigan said: "This still emphasises the idea that you're different and they want to do something to help you.
"It's humiliating because it doesn't allow your full inclusion in society and treats you like a special case…"
Which you demonstrably are.

But hey, so long as you get to complain either way, I guess you’re happy.


ivan said...

a mobility scooter user

Is that another way of saying too fat to get up and walk? Besides those things are much too big to allow in shops and they are not very agile even when used outside.

Anonymous said...

Ivan- are you referring to the scooters, or their occupants?

Ed P said...

But but but we're ALL special - that's what mummy said.

Couldn't they install a slurry outfall chute just outside the shop, so the grossly obese could drive up on their scooters and fill their slop tanks without having to go inside. It would be cheaper than putting in a ramp.

Andrew Scarborough said...

Ivan, you may have a point there, it was a bakery which they wanted to barge into.

JuliaM said...

"Is that another way of saying too fat to get up and walk?"

I look at some, and wonder...

"It would be cheaper than putting in a ramp."