Saturday, 19 September 2015

Pointless Scaremongering…

Foxes are helping to spread a potentially fatal parasite that is threatening Britain's dog population, researchers have warned.
Up to 50 per cent of foxes are infected with lungworm, whose larvae can be found in the bodies and slime of slugs and snails.
Once swallowed by a dog, the parasite travels through its body to end up in the heart causing sickness and possibly death.
Oh noes! Our little doggy-woggies are at risk from these evil vulpine menaces! Whatever shall we do? If only there was a preventive treatm…

Oh. Hang on.
Mark Bossley, chief vet at animal charity Blue Cross, said: "We regularly advise dog owners of the dangers of lungworm because, sadly, we see so many cases every year.
"It is a hidden killer so we urge dog owners to talk to their vet about preventative treatments and be vigilant with their dogs when in the garden or on walks."
Quite. Lungworm posters have been up in my vet surgery for….well, for as long as I can remember. 

The only people who will be affected by this will be people who don’t take their animals to the vet, or pay attention to veterinary advice, and frankly, the poor beasts are better off dead with owners like that.

Sad to see the Countryside Alliance gleefully Tweeting it in support of their demanded repeal of the Hunting Ban. There are enough good reasons to argue against this pointless, class-based legislation without stooping to scaremongering.


Lord T said...

Scaremongering works. We should be using the tools of the enemy as logic and common sense have not worked one bit for decades now.

I've heard that lungwork can also infest human children. Read it on the internet once. We must think of the children.

Andy said...

LordT, I was about to make a similar comment to yours. It's quite astonishing to see the naivety of the masses. Often I come up with something totally implausible only to be believed. There's much fun to be had with greeny/lefty/progressive/transnormals.

Ted Treen said...

I suppose lungworm can infect children:- but, I believe, only those who dine on slugs and/or snails.

Sophistry at its utmost.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Snails. That's the French fucked then.

JuliaM said...

"We should be using the tools of the enemy as logic and common sense have not worked one bit for decades now."

Sadly, very true... :/

"It's quite astonishing to see the naivety of the masses."

And becoming less astonishing as time pases...

"Snails. That's the French fucked then."