Thursday 3 September 2015

They Don’t Sound All That ‘Complicated’ To Me…

Tony Davis, defending, argued that Potts was not an irresponsible dog owner and described him as "an uncomplicated man with very complicated problems".
Mr Davis said the suicide of his son had led him to "channel all his energies and efforts into his dogs at the expense of all else" and "he adored his dogs". The death of his son had caused him to lead an isolated existence, said Mr Davis, and that "the dogs have been a source of support and he prides himself on the condition of his dogs (Ed: Oh, really..?) and they have become drivers for his own wellbeing".
He said Potts had gone as far to say he saw no reason to function in life without them.
Well, that makes two of us. I see no reason for Potts to function in life as well!
But Judge Prince rejected these arguments and, as well as jailing him, ordered the destruction of the six dogs.
The court heard that the cost of housing all of his dogs since the attack had reached £38,000.
What the hell were they feeding them, fillet steak!?
Jailing him for three months and banning him from owning dogs for life, the judge said: "I do not want someone to say if only Judge Prince had sentenced that man to prison, that man whose dog attacked my child might have kept it under control."
Well said! If only more judges gave a thought to the possible consequences of their leniency…

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