Monday, 7 September 2015

Once, It Would Have Been Easy To Determine...

Insisting there were several witnesses keen to help police, and video evidence, she said she now simply wants action or warnings for others.
The grandmother said shop staff confirmed the attack was caught on CCTV but that after watching footage, officers were unable to transfer the files before it was routinely wiped.
Contradicting this, a police spokesperson said the cameras were not working.
Gosh, who to believe..? My instinct (to always believe official accounts over those of civilians) has taken a hammering lately...
Warwickshire Police confirmed the dog attack on May 23 was being investigated and may fall under the Dangerous Dog Act.
A statement read: “The victim’s dog was injured after being attacked by another dog and the victim sustained slight facial injuries.
“The owner of the offending dog left the scene. Unfortunately there was no working CCTV available, and witnesses were only able to provide limited descriptions.
“The investigation is still very much ongoing with a number of lines of enquiry being pursued to trace the offender.”
OK, made up my mind. It's not Warwickshire plod.

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Anonymous said...

*Gosh, who to believe..?*
Let's not be so uncharitable as to make an inference that police concoct stories for their own benefit, Julia. Warwickshire Police federation would be particularly aggrieved and indignant at such a suggestion whilst it was concluding settlement of hundreds of claims for its members. As it turns out, this particular police service deserves our sympathy and support after most of them were abducted by Jimmy Savile and Freddie Starr only to be raped and severely traumatised at a party in the latter's Warwickshire home. It was all on CCTV but some comic wiped the yardage.