Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Coming Over Here (Again)...

...racially abusing the people our own racists won't abuse...
Peri Kasim, 38, threatened an Asda security guard in front of his nine-year-old daughter following a trip to the Dagenham store in Merrielands Crescent.
Romford Magistrates’ Court heard on Wednesday how Kasim confronted the guard while exiting the shop, after accusing him of following him.
“Did you come running to get into my face and call me a thief?” he said. “If I want to walk out I will – you can’t stop me.”
Despite the security guard trying to assure Kasim that he wasn’t targeting him and was merely observing the entrance, he hurled violent, racist abuse at him.
“I will flop you on your arse,” he said, adding: “I will do you, you black ****.”
Chris Holt, Kasim’s defence lawyer, told the court his client had started weightlifting shortly before he committed the offence on April 26.
He said that Kasim was using steroids at the time of the attack, adding his client had undergone therapy for mental health issues, including anger management. And he said Kasim believed he was being “pin-pointed” by the security guard and the supermarket’s CCTV cameras.
“The reason why Mr Kasim reacted the way he did is, first of all, because he was with his nine-year-old daughter,” Mr Holt said. “He [Mr Kasim] has recently taken up the sport of weightlifting and at the time this offence was committed he was using steroids. One of the side-effects of steroids is a difficulty to control your anger. That’s why he did what he did.”
Yes. Yes, of course it is. He's a charming fellow otherwise, isn't he?
Kasim, who is on benefits, was given credit for pleading guilty to racially aggravated intentional harassment with words and fined £160.
The magistrates also ordered him to pay £50 in compensation, a surcharge of £30 and prosecution costs of £325.
*sigh* So we, the taxpayer, are really paying it?


Andrew Scarborough said...

Warped. That's the word I'm going to use this week. There's definitely something warped and it ain't me.

Ted Treen said...

"...adding his client had undergone therapy for mental health issues, including anger management..."

Clearly not enough - by a long shot.

JuliaM said...

"Warped. That's the word I'm going to use this week. "

It'll see a lot of use, I fear...

"Clearly not enough - by a long shot."

It seems to have a high failure rate, doesn't it?