Thursday, 17 November 2016

Essex Police Finally Do Their Job, And What Happens..?

Police have come in for criticism after officers were filmed “manhandling” a homeless person, as part of a crackdown on rough sleepers.
Shot by a pedestrian on Tuesday afternoon in Southend High Street, the video shows the man sitting down and drawing, before officers drag him away to be relocated.
No, not an uninterested bystander - by someone with a vested interest in encouraging these parasites!
The eyewitness, a member of the Homeless Street Hub and Soup Kitchen in Southend, described the scene as “harrowing” and the police engagement “unwarranted”.
You know what's 'unwarranted'? Having to walk Southend High Street every morning, being accosted by people begging for spare change.
The video attracted scores of sympathetic comments on Facebook, with residents announcing plans to stage a sit down protest on Saturday morning in support of the man.
Barking mad, the lot of them!


Antisthenes said...

We make more of our decisions based on emotion than we do on logic, reason, common sense and objectivity. We would have to be a Vulcan(Trekkie fans will understand) not to. Too much logic can be just as debilitating as too much emotion. Compassion has it's place it is when it is disproportionate that we do silly even stupid things. If we apply logic to our emotions it would open our eyes to the fact that we can help those less fortunate than us by helping them to help themselves not doing things for them and ignore and police them if they do not.

We are seeing the results of letting our emotions run away with themselves. We have welfare and other associated services that are unable to cope. That are harming those who are paying for them without improving the condition of those it is intended to help and only adding to their numbers.

Andy said...

Handing out Bible tracts helps, they make nice roaches.

Anonymous said...

"We have welfare & other associated services that are unable to cope."

There is obviously not enough money in the system.
So the government should print some more money to have enough to go around.
No, that's no good .. not a good idea.
Why not ?
There is something called the TRICKLE UP EFFECT, the more currency there is in the system, the more of it is given to those who already have enough.
It would never get to those who need it.
It is the Scrooge mentality in play .. those who have cannot bear to give over.
Is their mode of operation & they would never get a good nights sleep knowing that the common man had "any bloody money".
You see they print extra money for themselves, lots & lots of it & they don't tell you just in case you might get ideas beyond your station.
What an emotional sham it all is.

JuliaM said...

"Too much logic can be just as debilitating as too much emotion."

Good point. These people brim over with compassion, but it blinds them to the effect their Baby Seals have on others.