Monday, 7 November 2016

Film Critique With The 'Guardian'..

But the whole point of Doctor Strange is that the titular protagonist enlightens himself through black magic.
Hmmm, I wonder how they picked someone so unknowledgeable about the subject material for this column?
Dave Schilling is a Guardian US writer-at-large.
Ah. It must have gone something like this:

'Guardian' editor: "Oh, gawd, another one of these bloody American comics has been made into a film. Suppose we'll have to cover it, it's got Benedict in... Who can we get?"

'Guardian' sub-editor: "We've got some Yank writers, remember?"

'Guardian' editor: "Perfect! They live there, they must read these things!"


Antisthenes said...

Are you sure all this Guardian reading is good for your mental health. I mean what if you get post Guardian stress syndrome or even start thinking like a progressive socialist. Both can lead to juvenile political dyslexia and delusions of having found Nirvana and Utopian solutions to all of mankind's problems and needs. If you start to no longer have feelings of revulsion when reading it put it down at once. If not the illness may take hold and you will start joining SJW's protests and the like smashing up property and people or demand everything should be banned. You may even fall in love Jeremy Corbyn and have sex with him like Dianne Abbot(in a field).

Antisthenes said...

Prohibition is an anathema to me as history and current events tells us it mostly leads to nasty people doing nasty things to circumvent it. Also it can lead to good people being punished for circumventing it to improve the quality of their life and/or their safety. However not all prohibition is bad if it is genuinely put in place to avoid harm and improve quality of life. Not some device for busy bodies, those with authoritarian natures and the self-righteous to impose their moralistic views. Of course even prohibition under those conditions will not please everyone as being prohibited from doing something can cause inconvenience.

However if it is reasonable and for the good of all those it does inconvenience should accept it without rancour. If I was a prohibitionist(not of alcohol type) I would certainly call for the ban of cyclists from our roads, pavements and footpaths. However I am not so I say let them use it as long as they respect the rules and laws governing their use and accept that to do so at their own risk and that punishment will be meted out to them if they do not. In the form of fines, imprisonment or injury(self inflicted if they choose to use places which heavy than them motorised vehicles are numerous).

JuliaM said...

"...or even start thinking like a progressive socialist."

I'll try not to acquire a head injury... ;)