Tuesday, 15 November 2016

"This Is Your 54879th Chance!"

A drug addict with 39 convictions to his name has been given a “last chance” to turn his life around after being caught by police in a stolen BMW.
Connor Annereau, 19, of Hamstell Road, Southend, walked free from Basildon Crown Court yesterday despite admitting handling stolen goods - his 39th offence.
He was arrested three weeks before the sentencing hearing, after failing to turn up to an earlier court date.
Oh, for...!
Handing him a suspended sentence, Judge Samantha Leigh said: “Even at your young age, you have a long list of convictions for theft and driving offences.
“It takes no stretch of the imagination to see that your addiction was all consuming.
“You just wanted to get your drugs.
This really is your last chance.
 What does it take...!?


Dr Evil said...

Well, if you refuse to transfer responsibility for an old bloke with dementia in a lovely care home in sunny Portugal to social services in the UK to transfer him to rainy, cold UK, you get 6 months in jail. Horrible crime isn't it? First 'offence' too. So much more evil that 39 counts of theft and motor crime.

MTG said...

Think about all the almost innocent defence lawyers with mortgages to pay on their third homes, Julia. What about one last, final last chance?

Ed P said...

I suspect judges such as this one are manufactured in some CP indoctrination bunker, then released to cause havoc by inverting justice by only punishing "thought crimes" and "wrong-thinking", whilst releasing without penalty thieves and druggies.

As Dr Evil says, disagree with the SS and be imprisoned, rob and walk free. Please give me back my country, I don't recognise Britain today.

Anonymous said...

"This really is your last chance." Apart from the next one given by some moronic magistrate whose personal life keeps him away from contact with such nice people.
Perhaps life really will begin at 40?

JuliaM said...

"Please give me back my country, I don't recognise Britain today."

Amen... :(

"Perhaps life really will begin at 40?"

40 years would be a start!