Wednesday, 9 November 2016

More Judges Like Kristina, Please!

...district judge Kristina Harrison slammed attempts by the defence to portray Brierly as having mental health problems.
“He is hearing voices as a result of using amphetamines,” she said. 
“I may think it is unjust (to jail him) if there was any medical evidence to say he was having mental health problems - but there is none.”
“It is an amphetamine induced psychosis which is somewhat different as it is self-inflicted.
The court heard Brierly initially denied the two charges of possessing a blade in a public place, but was convicted after a trial - before going on trial just days later for a separate offence
He was convicted of causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to cars by jumping up and down on them.
Well, I doubt his defence team park their cars in this area, so why should they care?

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