Saturday, 19 November 2016

I Can't Believe Hollywood Won't Take This Advice!

Paul Mason lays out some advice for budding scriptwriters:
...the revolt that brought Trump to power represents an ideological break with any situation the US’s myth-makers have known. From now on, even in the most inconsequential domestic drama, every character’s ethnicity matters. If they’re a black male, are they one of the 13% who voted for the Ku Klux Klan’s man, or against him. For any actor building a character in a drama set in the present, the question becomes: what does my character think about Trump, Brexit, the collapse of liberal norms in public life?
Wow! That's going to lead to some awesome films in the 2017-18 season! I bet you just can't wait, reader!
So, it is time we demand that the storytelling industry addresses the truth. A man takes charge of the US on a wave of racial and misogynist hate; he screws up the world order so badly it spirals into chaos. Down these mean streets, as Raymond Chandler put it, a man or woman must go “who is not mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid”.
Hollywood producers everywhere are looking up the percentage they'll get of straight-to-DVD sales...


Unknown said...

Sticks and stones ... - and we get THREE CONSERVATIVE Supreme Court Justices - not to mention control of the House, Senate, Execute, not to mention nine Supremes. Ain't life a Bitch! Ain't enough drugs to take me higher and more ecstatic than I am. And people claim there is no God, heaven, or hell! Yet, how do you explain the hell you socialist now find yourself? Never seen such boohoos in all my life. Man up, you limp wristed wooshes!

Antisthenes said...

Paul Mason the paragon of stupidity. Proven by the fact that he equates liberal as remotely defining his beliefs and what he stands for(there is plenty of other evidence of his stupidity which can be found in much of his other scribbling's). Progressives a group who form their views from socialist teachings with all the authoritarian baggage that comes with it have the temerity to call themselves liberals. Liberals they certainly are not and us the silent majority in the main are not misogynists, racists etc but are in fact the real liberals. We believe merit not misguided moral obligations decides how we judge. Show worth by proof and we will reward it with our approbation. Demand worth as a right without proof then we can be excused for having severe reservations about showing our approval and making judgements on the only proof available that often is not complimentary.

Demetrius said...

I am trying to get my head round the idea that storytelling means telling the truth. Beam me up Scotty.

Greencoat said...

I hear Hollywood is planning some notable remakes: ‘Forrest Trump’, ’Trumping Iron’, 'The Trump-Back of Notre Dame’...

OK I’ll stop now.

Andy said...

British cinema became Very Earnest in the 1960s through to the 1980s. Grosses fell, people voted with their feet which went nowhere near British films. Folk wanted to escape the humdrum, not have it rammed down their throats in the name of entertainment. Hollywood knew the score, entertain cinema goers, give them dreams. Even now many British film makers actually believe that it's their duty to (re)educate the lumpen masses. Unfortunately the lumpen masses seem to gobble it all up.

JuliaM said...

"Never seen such boohoos in all my life."

If the upcoming French election goes the same way, I truly think heads will explode!

"We believe merit not misguided moral obligations decides how we judge."

Spot on.

"OK I’ll stop now."


"Grosses fell, people voted with their feet which went nowhere near British films. "

And these days, there are more options than ever before. No-one has to put up with mediocre films. THey'd do well to remember that.