Tuesday, 15 November 2016

"Wait, The Rules Apply To ME As Well? Monstrous!"

Retired Bedford dog warden Coral Browne was prosecuted by her own council for failing to comply with an abatement notice to stop the dogs barking at ARAS kennels.
She says the fine has placed the centre’s future under threat – a move slammed as barking mad by supporters.
None of whom live within earshot, or would dream of doing so, I suspect!
Coral claims the complaint that prompted all the trouble came from just one or two neighbours.
So..? Is there a number you have to hit to trigger a noise abatement order?

When you were a dog warden, did you refuse to act unless that magic number had been reached?
One resident who submitted noise recordings to the council, told the T&C:”The dogs bark incessantly. It is absolute torture for all of us.
“We’ve being accused of being anti dogs but we’re all animal lovers. We don’t want the kennels closed down – we just want the barking and howling to stop.”
Good luck with that. It seems if you style yourself an 'animal rescuer' you think it defends you against having to abide by society's rules:
A Clacton dog-lover has defended the dog rescue service she operates from her Clacton town centre terrace.
Neighbours complain of barking dogs in her backyard and noting their breeds, fear they present a danger to children.
Mostly Staffies and Staffy-crosses, then, I bet.
Nicola said: “We take pressure off the local councils. We take dogs from the pound, saving councils money and the dog’s life.”
Dogs are my passion. I just don’t think the neighbours like dogs. Their complaints upset me when you are trying to do a good thing,” she said.
Can't you 'do a good thing' that's maybe a bit less of an imposition on your neighbours?

I love peacocks, but I'd never dream of having one in a residential area. Is it ok if I 'rescue' one, and tell the neighbours to put up with the noise?
Three months ago, Tendring Council and the RSPCA inspected her premises and everything was fine.
“The police are also happy the dogs are under controlled and trained,” she added.
Instead, Nicola accuses neighbours of having parties and making a noise, which “distresses the dogs” and makes them bark.
Wait, so not only do you expect the neighbours to put up with the noise your mutts make, they should live like Benedictine monks so as to not 'provoke' your misbred pack?
Peter Bruff ward councillor Andy Pemberton, who was approached about the rescue service, said: “It’s not just one complaint. There’s been quite a few.”
Tendring council communications manager Nigel Brown said: “The Council has investigated a complaint regarding this address in the past but it was unfounded. However, having received a further complaint officers will be reinvestigating.”
If you want to 'rescue' animals, buy a place in the country.

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