Friday, 18 November 2016

It Brings A Warm Glow To Your Heart...

James Morgan, 49, of Maine Crescent, Rayleigh, was confronted by a group of up to ten youngsters just minutes after a 16-year-old pulled out in front of his car and made a rude gesture towards him.
Mr Morgan, who suffers from social anxiety, arthritis and slipped discs in his back, stuck two fingers up in return
Southend Magistrates' Court heard the teenagers surrounded him as he was parking in a disabled bay in the Websters Way car park, Rayleigh. Mr Morgan noticed the rider from the altercation had joined a larger group of youths
Stephen Sparks, prosecuting, told the court: “The rider had got off his moped and squared up to him. He said ‘leave us alone, we are a bunch of 16-year-olds.’
Strange way to get people to 'leave you alone', gather a bunch of your equally scummy pals, and follow you.

And in case you're wondering why it's Mr Morgan in the dock, well....
“Another teen then pushed Mr Morgan away from him and he states that he did this to protect his friend. 
“Mr Morgan then came back towards him and punched him on the nose, causing him a lot of pain. 
“He punched him again on the nose and they both ended up on the floor. 
“The defendant stood up and then punched him again.”
*cheers wildly*
Morgan was handed two six-week prison sentences, suspended for 12 months.
I guess the magistrates must have felt the same...


Antisthenes said...

We have a criminal justice system that appears to be totally unfit for purpose. Inappropriate leniency and also inappropriate punishment is frequently observed emanating from it. Societies approach to criminality has been influenced by progressive thinking that downgrades success and rewards failure. Mediocrity over merit. Ideological solutions applied to punishment and deterrence. Such as the application of ethical(to them) but costly and ineffective means of dealing with crime. Leading to mixed and confusing signals and no clear boundaries. The result, the innocent fear the justice system more than the criminals do. This judge obviously did the best he could given the constraints he was under. No doubt without any constraints he would be applauding the defendant and admonishing the police for arresting the wrong man.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Gerrard hits a bloke 3 times and it is accepted by the jury (at Liverpool Crown Court) that it was self defence. A man is surrounded by a mob of local scumbags, hits someone three times in retaliation at being assaulted himself and is convicted. It's only a shame he didn't play football.

Budvar said...

Ah, the old "We're only minors" ploy.. Which roughly translates as "We can do and say as we like, and if you so much as look sideways at us, we'll have the law on you..".

Fortunately, it does last for long, surprisingly once they reach the ripe old age of 18, all the shit eye looks and insults under the breath as they walk past suddenly stop for some reason..

Ed P said...

But there's some joy in trading insults.
It's very easy to come out with a crushing rejoinder to some 18-year old's mumbled, brave-in-front-of-his-mates, sweary stuff. An intellectual dagger's needed: no need for a real weapon, straight to the heart, something like, "How many odd socks have you got?". That'll throw 'em.

JuliaM said...

"It's only a shame he didn't play football."


"...surprisingly once they reach the ripe old age of 18, all the shit eye looks and insults under the breath as they walk past suddenly stop for some reason.."

They aren't stupid, whatever else they may be!