Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Well, There's 'Taking Care', And Then There's 'Taking Care'...

Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC said the mother of the girl throwing the party had made significant efforts to control the event, but despite having bouncers on the door conducting searches there were weapons including knives at the house.
“She could not have taken more care: there was to be no alcohol, drugs or cigarettes”, said Mr Aylett.
“Everyone who came to the party had to know the girl personally, everyone who came through the door had to agree to be searched by the mother and her friends and relatives of hers who had offered to held.
“All the same it ended in disaster.”
Who could have predicted this? After all, if she'd done what any normal parents woiuld do, then...

Oh. Wait.
When the gatecrashers arrived, Che went outside to talk to them, unaware that a call had gone out inside the party for reinforcements.
“Within 40 minutes or so, a group of thirteen young men had set off on foot from Wembley Park heading for Kenton”, said Mr Aylett.
“They were there to sort out the youths who had been making life difficult.”
The court heard Che, a business student, pulled out a knife and charged at the group surrounding him, but he was stabbed in the chest, piercing his heart, as he tried to break free.
Wait, I thought he was an 'innocent business student'? Do they take knives to a party..?


Tim Newman said...

You're being too harsh. Can you honestly say that, when throwing a 16th birthday party, you have not "called for reinforcements" from a local council estate which include somebody the papers will later describe as being of "no fixed address"?

JuliaM said...

I clearly haven't lived!