Thursday, 19 January 2017

What A Pity She Ran Over His Leg...

...and not his head:
Michael Bagley, defending, said his client had developmental problems and left school without any qualifications.
He said jobless Wilkinson, who led a “wretched later adolescence”, was set to become a dad in July, but had split up with his girlfriend.
Being Liverpudlian is a 'developmental problem', isn't it?


Woman on a Raft said...

Dylan Wilkinson, 20, of Celebration Drive, Anfield.

Mr Wilkinson’s sister Heidi Harrison said even though her brother is “no angel” she wanted an explanation as to how he came to be run over.


Thud said...

Never found being Scouse a problem,an asset if anything.

Anonymous said...

I fear for the gene pool. Maybe the limp will make him less likely to get lucky.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Clearly the wrong "leg" was run over.

JuliaM said...



Astonishing, eh?

" asset if anything."

*zips lips* ;)

"Clearly the wrong "leg" was run over."