Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Can We Please Remember There Are More Victims Here?

Sabrina Fitzgerald, defending, said her client was remorseful. She said: 'She attended the area because she was with a friend who had a job interview at a hairdressers.
'They set out with positive intentions. Unfortunately she made a very poor decision she first took the phone because she thought she was being filmed.
'She is very sorry, she is ashamed of her actions. This was a month ago and she has had to live with the shame of her actions.
'She is on course for A grades, or grade six as it is called nowadays. There are some issues around peer pressure and poor decision making skills.'
Yeah, you're not kidding!

But every report seems to concentrate on the Katherine Jenkins angle, glossing over the fact that she got involved because she saw them mugging an elderly woman.
District Judge Susan Williams asked the teen whether she would be prepared to make an apology in person to her victim.
Which one, love? There's the first mugging victim, there's Jenkins, and there's the police officer the out of control little savage assaulted while being arrested...
The 15-year-old was handed a six month referral order, meaning she will have to attend sessions with the youth offending team to address her behaviour.
Her mother was also ordered to pay £20 compensation.
Yeah. That'll teach her.
Concluding, District Judge Williams said: 'If you were 18 and not 15 and you committed that offence you would be sent to a young offenders' institution and locked up for several years.
'It is a real shock when you get mugged. It has happened to me and it has happened to this lady. It happens an awful lot in the streets of this city.'
Probably because idiots like you are soft on them! It's not like she hadn't planned a life of crime, after all:

See..? Just a different sort of mugging...


Anonymous said...

Stopped her becoming a lawyer? Blimey, I thought that turning a blind eye to crime was a prerequisite. Also knowing hw to fleece a client, to lie on their behalf. Just l;ike knowing how to withhold evidence is part of a policeman's training ...

Robert the Biker said...

Hope Katherine Jenkins arranges a visit from a couple of large lads. Until this shit is properly punished it will get worse

JuliaM said...

"Blimey, I thought that turning a blind eye to crime was a prerequisite."

Well, quite! Though I suppose you do have to acknowledge it to come up with inventive excuses for it...

"Until this shit is properly punished it will get worse"

I'm not sure it's possible to get worse, frankly.