Tuesday, 7 January 2020

I'll Help: It's Because It's A Crocodile!

Zoo Director Alex Rubel said the reason for the animal's aggressive behaviour has not been established.
I mean, is it me, or...?
The incident took place last Monday when the female zookeeper entered the animal's enclosure to clean it, according to local media reports.
The keeper tried to remove the male crocodile from the pen when the animal clamped its teeth around her hand and held it for several minutes.
Why on earth would anyone put their hand near a crocodile's jaws? What sort of zoo protocol are they running there?
A female of the same species still lives in Zurich Zoo, Rubel said, but officials have not yet decided whether the zoo will look for a new male.
Which responsible zoo would send you one?


MTG said...

Even Jaded would know that mobile protein is on the croc menu.

JuliaM said...

"Even Jaded would know that mobile protein is on the croc menu."

Like sharks, there isn't much that's not...

MTG said...

Latest research suggests that both ancient predators are normally fussy eaters.