Monday, 6 January 2020

I'm Not Convinced...

Natalie Howell-Martin and her two-year-old Beagle Collie crossbreed Dolly sustained injuries from a Terrier in Eastville Park at 1.30pm on December 19, as we reported the following day.
It gripped Dolly’s neck in its mouth for at least two minutes, causing it puncture wounds and also injuring Natalie’s hand while she and her wife Laura tried to free her dog.
Another Staffie owner caught bang to rights? No, but wait! The age old 'They started it!' excuse comes out:
The Terrier’s owner Thomas, who did not wish to give his surname, accepts that this happened.
But he also alleges Dolly was the “aggressor” and says his dog, Bear, also suffered injuries in the “fight”.
Hmm, one dog is called 'Dolly', and the other 'Bear'. Still, we can't draw conclusions from that.

Can we draw any from the way the owner dealt with this incident?
Thomas admits he ran away with Bear once the dogs were separated, but denies offering Natalie money to not call police after the incident.
Reader, we can!
Police plan to speak to the parties involved to establish if there are any offences.
Boning up on the new DDA, chaps?


Anonymous said...

"Really. My dog is harmless. Come to heel, Biter!"

Just Trevor said...

...her wife...

I know I'm an irredeemably bad person because I will never be able to encounter such locutions without at the very least groaning inwardly and having unenlightened thoughts. Not so long ago the overwhelming majority of people would have felt the same; now I'm beginning to feel lonelier.

JuliaM said...

"My dog is harmless. Come to heel, Biter!"

'Tyson' is always a good one!

"...without at the very least groaning inwardly and having unenlightened thoughts."

I think they could at least have come up with an original name.