Saturday, 3 March 2012

Why Croydon Is A Lost Cause...

So, the Croydon Riot Review is out, and it seems it must be quite a good reflection of the issues, because no one's happy.

Not the media:
A significant obstacle restricting a full understanding of the report's rationale is that the panel decided not to talk to the press.
*gasp* How very dare they?

Not the local MP:
Mr Wicks said the panel had "consistently given the benefit of the doubt to the police" and had "failed to reflect the anger and pain of victims".
His main beef seems to be that it didn't adequately put the blame on the violent, greedy, acquisitive street gangs who took the opportunity to go on a mass crime spree and...

Wait, That's not right.
The review has been criticised for washing over several key issues, particularly the underlying ones beyond mere criminality, which may have motivated the rioters.
Ah. I see where we are now. Firmly in 'Guardian' territory. Still, maybe the MP is just saying what he knows his constituents want to hear?
Cllr Fitzsimons believes the report has addressed these questions.

He said: "We spent quite a lot of time talking about the underlying social causes and I know you could write a whole text book on just London Road without even looking at other areas.

"The report acknowledges that there are tensions in the area.

"If you go back to last September when this inquiry was first called for, a lot of the response I got was 'you're not going to go down the wishy-washy liberal line, are you?'"
Looks like the answer they'll get, at least according to their MP, is 'No, and they should have, god damn it!'...

Well, you all know what to do, don't you? Vote the troughing swine out the next chance you get!

Or....don't. And see more rioting. Over to you.


Fire in the suburbs said...

I really wish these people who luxuriate in the public paypacket could see what we, the 99 per cent as the lefties love to say, actually see.

One of the reasons the 'riots' extended over several days was that each evening the gangs felt they could get away with it. There are no 'social issues' if you think you can break the law and benefit from it. Rich, poor and middling criminals have always done it. To a degree, these feral gangs did get away with it (I don't suppose all perps have been caught, I doubt if all stolen property has been recovered) and everyone else has to pay the costs.

The cost to the 'community' may be businesses closing or moving and job opportunities lost, and for those that tidied up and stayed it means higher costs (insurance, security measures for next time) passed to the customer. Lawlessness depresses people, makes them less likely to go to help others or make an area better; you keep your head down because the bad people have control of the streets. It isa form of terrorism, which given our concern with terrorism elsewhere is oddly never confronted. But those with their snout in the overflowing trough never take these things into account.

Can't see or won't see? They must answer that.

When feral one kicks in a door and steals a plasma TV then feral two, three and four -- plus assorted female clingers-on -- will think they can do the same. They believe, because there is no retribution, no moral strength in the authorities, that it is okay to carry on. Wanna new pair of trainers, bro? Follow me to the promised land of Sports Direct who no longer has windows.

I do not know if these louts can be 're-educated' by fine, caring words of the 'socially aware'. I actually don't care: I want the streets to be rid of these hooligans and thugs. If it means harsh sentences then we have to do it. Prison should deter because the loss of freedom is acute, the stigma means they won't do it again. But it also needs someone to act sharply at the time before it gets to arrests and courts.

The Guardianistas won't do it, and the law we have is adamant that ordinary people cannot do it. 'Leave it to us' the police and the system says and yet the evidence is the problem is then left alone. Oh, it will happen again (and usually in summer when the wevvers nice, innit) and the hand-wringers will once more assembled to give their wisdom as to why.

But the ferals won't read those damn silly 'reports' later because they can't read and don't care. But they know they will be excused for crimes against society and each other.

It is the socialist dream state: it is always someone else's fault.

John M said...

What I find hilarious is that we have an entire industry of politicians, "experts" and enquiry panels spending years and millions of pounds on this stuff, and for what? Do we even CARE what caused the riots?

The hilarious thing is the answers are right in front of us, because rioters interviewed on TV & Radio last August told us at the time! But those answers are too simple and unpalatable for our professional chest beating classes.

To quote : "It's free stuff innit, everybody's doing it..."

This isn't hard people.

Anonymous said...

No mention of specific intelligence led airstrikes in Croydon either.

JuliaM said...

"... you keep your head down because the bad people have control of the streets. It isa form of terrorism, which given our concern with terrorism elsewhere is oddly never confronted."

Indeed! I wish more people connected the dot and came to this conclusion.

"This isn't hard people."

No, it isn't. But I guess we have to provide makework for all the hanger's on of the political class.

"No mention of specific intelligence led airstrikes in Croydon either."

Sadly not! But you'll be glad to know New Addington figures in my blog again today... ;)