Tuesday, 19 January 2010

David Willetts, MP: No Brains Trust, Obviously…

It seems Thorpe Park marketing wizards have come up with a great scheme for getting publicity – get some students to take part in some ‘scientific’ trials to pump up interest in their new ride:
Thorpe Park wants them to test a brand new horror attraction called SAW Alive.

For £50, the students have to agree to be put through a series of punishing psychological tests and be given a range of electric shocks.
Hmm, but this might not pique the interest of the media.

If only there was some complete idiot in Parliament who could be relied upon to take this story seriously and warn against the phoney dangers, thereby guaranteeing some column inches.

NuLab’s too busy trying desperately to find a way to get itself re-elected. No-one cares about what any LimpDumb might say.

Luckily for Thorpe Park, Call-Me-Dave’s party is chock full of them.
But critics accused the park of exploitation.

David Willetts MP, shadow minister for universities and skills, said: ‘I would want to know that these tests are safe and the trials are properly regulated.’

They played you like a fiddle, didn’t they, Willetts?


banned said...

Makes a change from donating spunk or working for MacDonalds.
But,as you say, Willetts must have made their day with his faux concern.

Kevin B said...

"They played you like paid you for the fiddle.."

After all, we're talking politician here.

Kevin B said...

Strike through doesn't seem to work but what was meant to be left was "They paid you for the fiddle.."

Joe Public said...

But we now know of the wheeze by reading about it on an influential Blog.

Who's feeding what, to whom?

JuliaM said...

Sadly, I don't even get complimentary tickets...

Little good they'd do me anyway. I get vertigo on those things!