Saturday, 23 January 2010

Today's 'Errr...' Story From The MSM

An obese mother killed her much smaller boyfriend after she sat on him during an argument.

Mia Landingham, who weighs more than 21 stone, squashed Mikal Middlestone-Bey to death after they had a fight last August.

During her trial, Landingham apologised for killing eight-stone Mikal - the father of her three children.
Words fail me...

The kicker? She waddled free, because:
Her attorney said there was a long history of domestic abuse in the relationship and asked the judge for leniency.
I'm not one to make fun of domestic abuse, but assuming (because it fed the pleas for leniency) that it was male on female domestic abuse, I'm reminded of that climatic biplane assault in 'King Kong'...


MTG said...

The terrible consequence of gluttony and a weighty reminder for an entire the climactic sense, JuliaM.

Someday... said...

"You're gonna make me cum, or I'm gonna kick your butt!"

-T Rex, Orgazmo

Joe Public said...

Does Harriet have a view on this?

[With either political, or, legal hat on?]

blueknight said...

Thanks to The Righteous Offender I am haunted by disturbing mental images of them 'getting it on'.
Images of 'Mr' so 'high up on the hog' that he is in danger of burning his ass on the light bulb, or having his pelvis ground to dust by the pneumatic and probably exuberant 'Mrs'

JuliaM said...

"T Rex, Orgazmo"


"Does Harriet have a view on this?"

I expect she's for it. And Jacquie Smith's husband would like to buy the video when it becomes available...

"Thanks to The Righteous Offender I am haunted by disturbing mental images of them 'getting it on'."

*hands blueknight the mindbleach*