Friday, 22 January 2010

Now, How Could He Have Known They Were Dodgy?

Counterfeit Ralph Lauren T-shirts, Juicy Couture tracksuits and Ugg boots were among the items police found in the back of Steven Fitzgerald’s lorry in March 2008.

Fitzgerald, 28, told jurors he bought the goods in good faith from a man known only as “Gypo John” and never pushed him about their origin or authenticity.
Truly, one of the mysteries of the ages, that one…


Captain Ranty said...

This could easily be Blair at the Chilcott enquiry:

"Yeah, so we got this report on WMD off the web. A student had written it. We didn't push him about its authenticity".

Of the two criminals, which one will be heading cellwards?


Anonymous said...

That genuinely made me larf out loud! Bought in good faith from a man called GYPO JOHN!!!

Anonymous said...

Police appeals for Gypo John or anyone having any information as to the whereabouts of Gypo John to come forward, have sofar not been successful.

A police spokesfigure said,"We have appealed to Gypo John many times these past years, but at the moment he doesn't seem to fancy us at all"

A representative of Gypo John UK Holdings said,"Lord John has no comment to make at this time"

JuliaM said...