Thursday, 28 January 2010

Now Even The Judges Are Beginning To Voice Concerns…

Following the recent trial where Judge Meredith was exposed to some of NuLabour’s finest generation, it seems his patience is just about to snap:
A teenager who apparently branded a disabled girl found dead in a burnt-out car as 'Frankenstein' walked free from court today after the main prosecution witness collapsed during her testimony.

Indeed, like the witness, incredible as that may sound:
… as Mrs Smith was giving evidence, she appeared to collapse in a fit and paramedics had to be called.

District Judge David Meredith said he was unhappy about the decision by the Crown Prosecution Service to abort the trial.
Now, I’d say that if a witness is so traumatised that she collapses while giving evidence in a safe public courtroom, there’s a good chance that justice wouldn’t be done unless the trial was adjourned, but I obviously never went to law school:
Prosecutor Mark Williams said it was in the 'public interest' to end the trial and not adjourn it until another date.
Really..? Did he ask any of the public?
Calling the trial off, the judge said: 'I am backed into a corner from which I have no escape.

'There are particular aspects of this case that have caused me grave concern by the alleged response to Fiona Pilkington and her daughter's death.

'The alleged comment that Fiona Pilkington deserved what she got is a matter I would view as significant. I view the (CPS) decision not to proceed as a little hasty.

'I should also add that the suggestion that a person (Mrs Smith) who is involved in neighbourhood watch is somehow an irritant to society is something I view as reprehensible.'
Strong words.
James Bide-Thomas, defending, was congratulated outside court by the boy's father.

The barrister told the court: 'I don't want the suggestion to be that (my client) was bang to rights and as a result of the poor misfortune of Mrs Smith while giving evidence has escaped scot-free.'
What you want, and what will happen, are two quite different things, I think you’ll find…

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