Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Tories – Can’t Even Get A Clock To Work…

…as noted here by the ex-mayor:
Lib Dem leader Graham Longley, who was mayor at the millennium, said: “It’s outrageous.

“That’s part of our history, but it has to be pulled down because we can’t get it to work.

“As the millennium mayor, I’m sad and disappointed.

“A little girl designed the clock face in a competition which was held at the time. I wonder how she might feel?”
Well, I guess she might feel a bit aggrieved that the brains trust that built the thing didn’t think to make it waterproof, given that it was going to stand out in the elements.

The Tory cabinet member for tourism knows exactly who was to blame, however.

That little girl:
Mr John Lamb said: “We would expect Graham Longley to criticise the decision.

“It is a shame. No one would like to see the clock removed, but it doesn’t operate in the weather and it costs a fortune to keep it going.

The design of the clock doesn’t allow it to be waterproof.”
Seems a bit harsh to blame poor little Nicola Whale. After all, she didn’t approve the money, or build it. That was down to Southend council and Hawkins Clocks.

Did no-one stop to think that it ought to be waterproof? And that if the design really did mean that it couldn’t be made waterproof, then maybe they’d chosen the wrong design?

Still, who cares? The taxpayer’s paying, right?

Remember that, next time one of Cameroon's little gang is telling everyone how much better life would be under a Conservative council.

Update: It appears, from the comments, that at the time of the clock's commissioning, it was a LibDem/Lab coalition that ran the council, and therefore commissioned the clock. So, they are all utter incompetents!


KenS said...

Could they not perhaps move it inside?

Umbongo said...


"So, they are all utter incompetents!"

In 6 words you've summed up our real choice at the next general election. Vote for any of the 3 major parties and you'll get exactly the same outcome - the same policies, the same PR, the same crapola.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

Seeing the latest piece of bansturbation over at , I have had an idea.

We could use Catherine Stihler as the pendulum!

Of course, she'd have to be replaced after a few days, but there seems to be a limitless supply of people suited to the job. The clock wouldn't tell the time too accurately, either, but I don't suppose anyone would be too bothered about that.

JuliaM said...

"Could they not perhaps move it inside?"

Indeed they could - just off to one side is a giant shopping mall absolutely filled with empty space.

But that would require joined up thinking, and what local council possesses that knack?

"In 6 words you've summed up our real choice at the next general election."

I know... :(

"We could use Catherine Stihler as the pendulum!"