Sunday, 17 January 2010

What, All Of Them..?

Adults in Scotland are drinking the equivalent of 46 bottles of vodka each in a year, a study has suggested.
There are no tee-totallers in Scotland? No Muslims? No people who just don't like the taste, and prefer orange juice? No visitors to Scotland, who might like to experience a wee dram or two, and so push up the total figure?

Or is this 'study' a pointless, scaremongering load of old cack, using dodgy statistical analysis to make the point needed by the Bansturbators?
The research was based on industry sales data analysed by NHS Health Scotland.
Ah. Thought so.
Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said it was time for critics of minimum pricing to "wake up" to the scale of Scotland's drink problem.

She added: "All the evidence tells us that the big rise in Scottish alcohol consumption in recent decades is closely linked with the 70% drop in alcohol's relative cost.

"As a consequence, our country now faces an unprecedented burden from alcohol-related health problems, crime and lost economic productivity, which runs into billions and which we are all paying for."
It's official. Straight from the mouth of their elected representatives, Scotland, a land of stumbling incoherent alcoholics. Apparantly.

Boy, I bet the Scottish Tourist Board is having a whip-round now to pay for a hit-man...


manwiddicombe said...

The BBC are running with this story on their TV news broadcasts. They have subtly changed the results from 'purchased' to 'consumed'.

You to ask where they got their figures from? I recently 'purchased' a bottle of beer from a Scottish brewery. Has that counted in the 'consumption' figures?

JuliaM said...

Bet your boots it did!

They must be getting desperate, if they are resorting to using stats that even me (a self-confessed economic and numerical dunce) can see through...

MacCheers said...

That's nay troo. Wi just drink ah meals.

Leg-iron said...

Industry sales data... including the export market for whisky, which is somewhat large?

Then again, 46 vodka equivalents a year... on average... is less than a bottle of whisky a week.

Okay, who's not pulling their weight here?

banned said...

There was once a teetotal, non-smoking, vegan who was keenly into promoting sporting prowess for the young.
His name was A. Hitler.

wv = buthol, honest!

David Gillies said...

46? is that it? Lightweights. You should be able to function on a half-litre a night which is 240 bottles a year or thereabouts. Anything more than that and you might have a drink problem.