Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Why Does No-One Ask Why They Fled The Police Stop?

The body is barely cold, and already the MSM is directing the search for blame:
A teenage girl was knocked down and killed by a car seconds after police began pursuing it because the driver was not wearing a seat belt.
There you go…
A police spokesman would also not confirm if the patrol car's siren had been activated, but a woman who lives four houses down from the crash site said: 'I heard the sirens coming round the corner. I looked out of the window and saw the red Escort speeding past.

'It looked as if there was going to be an accident. I ducked down, because I couldn't bear to look.

'Using your sirens for not wearing a seat belt in rural areas like this is ridiculous.'
Note that emphasis; it’s the police sirens and attempts to stop the car over a missing seatbelt that are ‘ridiculous’ to this member of the public, not the attempts of the driver to flee the police over something so trivial as a seatbelt…

The police don’t help themselves when they do this, though:
Her grandmother, Christine Harrison, 63, who also lives in Tean, said: 'Jessica was a marvellous girl, she was so kind, funny and caring. There wasn't a bad bone in her body.

'Police have told us not to talk about the crash.'
‘Told you’..?

I presume you mean they’ve asked you. But these days, who knows..?


Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail are at their most annoying over this issue. The blame lies clearly with the driver of the car failing to stop. There is always more to this kind of the story. The car could be stolen/TWOC'd, the driver may not be insured, may be over the drink drive limit, may be disqualified from driving, may have items in the car fom illicit drugs to a mutilated corpse etc. |The seat belt matter may the cause of the initial interest in the car and its's driver. As usual if the courts and criminal justice system generally provided adequate punsihments for such offences then the frequency wouldn't be so great and tragic. Not the police most cases. There was of course that little shit from Bromley Police last year.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

Fleeing arrest seems to me entirely reasonable nowadays; the fact that you are innocent doesn't mean you are not in a load of trouble (see your other post today).

The process is the punishment.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Load of bollox from start to finish.

British police cars do not HAVE sirens. They have twin tone klaxons.

So a lot of lies going on here.

JuliaM said...

"The Daily Mail are at their most annoying over this issue."

Yes, it's like they can't keep their stereotypes straight. Had these little darlings not been speeding because of the police car, they'd be howling to string them up as 'death drivers'...

"Fleeing arrest seems to me entirely reasonable nowadays..."

At speed, in a built up area?

"British police cars do not HAVE sirens. "

No, not techniically. But that's what everyone calls them.

ChrisM said...

". The blame lies clearly with the driver of the car failing to stop. "

The difference is criminals, or potential criminals, are not paid out of the public purse, and not expected to be paragons of virtue. Indeed, criminals are expected to behave in a criminal manner. That a criminal was involved in the death does not automatically exonerate the police who are killing too many members of the public for my liking.