Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fear Of Crime...'s all in your imagination, right? And you'll sing that tune, if you know what's good for you:
Fear of anti-social behaviour by young people is outstripping reality, police believe.
That's not 'police' as in boots on the ground, however. That's politically correct Chief Inspector Taylor. Who has no reason whatsoever to want to promote a rosy picture for his masters, I suppose..?
A Government plan to tackle the problem came in for criticism this week after three-quarters of people surveyed said they believed anti-social behaviour by youths had got worse or stayed the same since it was launched.

Police in Brighton and Hove said actual reports of problems have fallen significantly in recent years and people believe the risk of crime is greater than it actually is.
Maybe reports have fallen because people are fed up with nothing being done?
Chief Inspector Laurence Taylor of Sussex Police said: “All the figures I receive suggest a downward tendency.

“We have not eliminated anti-social behaviour. There is always work to be done and I am confident that it is being reduced.

“What we need to do is get that message out so people recognise that.

“While the DCSF figures might suggest that there are still issues, and I’m not saying there aren’t problems, locally in Brighton I think perceptions have changed and we are tackling anti-social behaviour effectively.”
The residents of Brighton don't believe you. But then, you don't need to listen to them, do you?

The comments, as always, are far more illuminating than the article...


MTG said...

"The residents of Brighton don't believe you. But then, you don't need to listen to them, do you?"

Good grief, JuliaM. I found these comments so appalling I could not bring myself to read them all.

Police must do something - like introducing high dosages of clozapine into water supplies to prevent any further repetition of these awful mass hallucinations.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Going through the bastards like a serious dose of heavily swung, lead cored baseball bats is the only answer.

Break fucking heads.

It is the only thing this vermin understand.

That or a can of gas pellets dropped onto them in an enclosed concrete room.

Anonymous said...

It's not clear who Furor wants to gas: is it the yobs, or the police?

And doesn't it speak volumes that there can even be doubt about it?

Furor Teutonicus said...

I WAS actualy thinking of the yobs. But now you come to mention it, any one above the rank of chief inspector, and any civvy staff may also be productive.

MTG said...

Mein geehrter Von S,

How could you so cruelly undermine my crusade to find new heights for sarcasm?

Anonymous said...

No one believes crime stats or any other statistic relating to crime and disorder, whoever collects it.

What is actually reported and recorded is only the tip of a very large iceberg. The British Crime Survey is probably a better indicator but omits important contributors / victims and crimes.

It has always been thus whatever system has been used down the ages.

The chief inspector knows it is bollocks but he has been trained, rather he has allowed himself for quite acceptable reasons of personal advancement, to toe the party line. He must conform to the national competency framework for his current rank and for the next therefore many boxes must be ticked.

His staff also know he is talking bollocks as he probably spouts it most of the time and the public know it is bollocks.

Of course reasons of personal advancement aren't justified in your previous tale of the man arrested, detained, DNA'd, printed, photographed and his family's computers seized because he dared express a perfectly reasonable opinion on the double standards bewteen the settled and traveller community in relation to planning law. Now that is bollocks and a disgrace. Same force I see?

Dave H said...

After a spate of attacks by teenage gangs, one of our (Cambridge) top coppers advised residents not to go out alone after dark.

This seems to me nothing other than a police admission of complete failure. It's also a bit of a bind when sunset's at around 16:00. The phrase 'lost control of the streets' springs to mind.

No doubt, after we become accustomed to the new rule of either going out mob-handed or cowering in our bunkers, official figures revealing a fall in recorded crime will be released. Choco ration's up again too.

Furor Teutonicus said...

MTG said...

Mein geehrter Von S,

How could you so cruelly undermine my crusade to find new heights for sarcasm?

The difference is, I was NOT being sarcastic.

It has gone too far one way now.

There is NO chance that the country can be won back for the humans of the community WITHOUT such or similar actions.

NO party will DARE be seen to be "rolling back hard won "freedoms"".

Remember Australia trying to close the stable door on immigration, by reintroducing the old rules that the previous party had got rid of?

How every press outlet in the world screemed "Fascist racist" at them until the journalists were purple in the face and sick all over their crochet sandles?

AND, how Australia caved in to the pressure?

Once you let the pigs out, they are a BASTARD to get back in the pen. (I have tried it. I worked on a pig farm whilst at Uni).

Anonymous said...

i 'allegedly' threw a snow ball at someone and they called the police yesterday. the police arrived and questioned me about an assault. the police left when i told them there was no evidence, and laughed.

today i will mostly be throwing snow balls, lmao. this must affect public perception of crime and official figures for the better?

MTG said...

" i will mostly be throwing snow balls, lmao...."

In taking the greatest care to select victims who seem unable or unwilling to retaliate, fingers are crossed for your giant error.