Monday, 29 April 2013

Only In Croydon…

Keith Preddie, 44, of Stanger Road, South Norwood. was forced to give up his work at the Family Centre in Fieldway, New Addington, after being arrested for assaulting Emma Preddie in a row over Christmas presents at their home in Coulsdon on December 18.
But now, after being given a conditional discharge, ordered to pay £100 compensation to Mrs Preddie, as well as £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge, the 2010 GMTV Dad Of The Year, hopes to claw back what he can of his old life.
Not, presumably, by walking straight back into his old job at the Family Centre? Even if it is in Croydon!
"People are telling me I should be celebrating but I'm not. My wife, my children and I have been through so much and I don't condone any domestic violence, be that by a man or a woman, so no I am not celebrating."
You’ve ‘been through so much’..?

He said: "I have no idea what I can do in the future now. It's not like I was a plumber or something, I was working with children and vulnerable people, you can't have a criminal record.
"It's up to the powers that be whether I get to go back. I'd go back today if I could. My brain is still functioning; I can still do the job I did for nine and a half years, the job I love. I have bills to pay and children to feed, I don't know what I'm going to do."
You really think you can work at a Family Centre with your record?


Anonymous said...

Depends how the situation was dressed up to go to court wasn't it?


Macheath said...

By the twisted logic of the public sector, it might even be seen as a professional asset.

I once had great difficulty with a classroom assistant who persistently gave pupils incorrect spellings or - worse - told them that their correct ones were wrong. When challenged, she retorted that, since she had always had trouble with spelling at school, she was far better suited than I was to understand and support the needs of dyslexic pupils.

Anonymous said...

Besides, you can't move forward when the authorities are blocking you at EVERY angle.

Some people really have no idea how bad a situation is do they?


Anonymous said...

Fuck you and your fucking bitch of a wife.

You fucked up big time. The rest of us have to fucking well pay for your shit.

I tried to help you and all you fucking do is think YOU are the victim.

You have lead us in to destruction because of your selfish theiving bitch of a wife and you were too fucking naive to see what she was doing to innocent people and the Great British people.

I am not playing your fucking game any more due to the fact you are too fucking stupid to see what happened with you.

I tried. Others in the past tried. You are just an idiot.

I am fucking angry today. Really fucking angry. Defending you and yours and that fucker of a wife. Yes, I am fucking angry. My children have been hurt. I tried my fucking best.

So long. As you already know, it's lonely out there.


Demetrius said...

Saw a New Addington thing on teletext today about an armed gang of twenty going about their trade. Are they, by chance, on a government employment scheme and in training?

Anonymous said...

If your fucking bitch and her fucking friends continue driving the people down, I will fucking well ensure karma is registered.

I hope that's crystal fucking clear.

It's not our fault you fell for the fucking ugly old trout. It's your fucking fault.

Anonymous said...

Early ranting today,normally she gets barking later in the day.Nice use of the F word though in case we didn't get the point.

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot, and fuck you. You wanted support? Well get this, you are not having support because you fucking well fell for a bitch that is a greedy fucking old slag. You were pathetic. The one woman that loved you, you were downright fucking ignorant to because you choose a slag over decency. Yes, I understand your reasons, but the shit headed trollop you chose is your fucking death.

Well done you fucking fool. And you know what? That slag hurt my kids. But it will just be ok with you that that happened. I want you to know this. I would rather lose everything than be involved with spineless bastards and fuckers like your wife. That is me and I do not give a fuck what you or anyone else thinks. So I think you have made your bed.

Good luck with what your revolting wife wants.


Anonymous said...

yes jaded. So go and fuck off.

The fucking whore and your cunts hurt my kids.

Go and fuck off.

I will lose everything now because of fuckers like you that have no fucking bollocks or backbone.

Fuck you wankers.

Go to fucking hell and take you loneliness with you.

JuliaM said...

"Depends how the situation was dressed up to go to court wasn't it?"

Maybe so. Maybe no.

"When challenged, she retorted that, since she had always had trouble with spelling at school, she was far better suited than I was to understand and support the needs of dyslexic pupils."

And by 'support' I assume she meant never ever drawing attention to their mistakes?

"You have lead us in to destruction.."

Err... Who has?

"Saw a New Addington thing on teletext today about an armed gang of twenty going about their trade. "

Oh, how wonderfully diverse and vibrant!

Twenty_Rothmans said...

It's not like I was a plumber or something
Or had a proper job or education or prospects...
his role at the Family Centre, where he set up the successful "time for dads" programme.
"I haven't seen or spoken to my stepdaughter since I left the home in December. I want to see her very much.


Mrs Hudson admitted me into the flat at 221b Baker Street, my having heard nothing from my friend for some weeks.

Holmes, more thin and wan than ever, was lying face up on his bed. The syringe next to his arm bore witness that he had once again turned to cocaine.

"Dash it, man, what is it?" I cried.
"Read this", Holmes said faintly - read this and curse me for having asked you to do so".

A copy of the Croydon Advertiser lay open on the floor. Nothing seemed out of place. Some savage had thrashed his wife for buying a present for his mother. "What is it, Holmes? I asked.

"There is something very suspicious about this, Watson" he said. The juxtaposition of the words 'family', 'father' and 'work'"
"By Jove, Holmes, in New Addington! - and he also claims that his brain is functioning"

Holmes looked nothing as he did one moment before - his cheeks flushed, he sprang from his bed like a cat, slapped me soundly and said: "Watson, your powers of observation are improving - the brain, of course,that was the element that eluded me, the brain! There is something afoot"

Holmes was a master of disguise, and had within moments transformed himself into a custard-breasted, tattooed, peroxided shrew, replete with stretch marks and three-inch hooped earrings.

We hastened downstairs. Holmes hailed a trap. "New Addingtom" he commanded the driver.
"Fark orf nuffin southatha river init" was the reply.
"Yuz from Croydon" said Holmes.
"Howjafuck you know that? Gettin"
"Holmes, how the fuck did you know that?"
"Elementary, my dear Watson, innit"

From "Holmes and the Father of the Year"

Anonymous said...

Time for the blue pen Julia.

blueknight said...

At least he is halfway towards being a Mike Tyson or a Bobbi brown impersonator

John Pickworth said...

Family Centre? Is this one of those Orwellian back-to-fronty thingies? It must be. If you're happily married, working and successfully raising the kids, why the hell would you need one of these drop-out centres?

John Pickworth said...

Oh, unless you were useless at everything else and needed to work there, natch.