Friday, 15 March 2013

I Was With You, Right Up Until...

An MP has hit back at claims he was “personally responsible” for a man’s death because of the new anti-squatting laws he pioneered.
Following the death of a homeless man in Kent last month a website has been set up called “Is Mike Weatherley MP Dead?”, which claimed the Conservative politician was “personally responsible”.
The title's odd, isn't it?

But who did he kill, and how? Run him over in his Bentley, did he? While wearing his top hat and smoking a fat cigar, like all good caricatures must?
The anonymous website focuses on Daniel Gauntlett, a homeless man who froze to death on a doorstep of an empty bungalow. 
The website said: “Police stopped him from getting inside the bungalow and he had taken the fatal decision to abide by the law.
Because there were no other options? No alternatives to breaking the law? Pull the other one!
"It was illegal for Daniel to live in the bungalow because of Section 144, the law which criminalises squatting in residential buildings even when they are empty.
But...if he'd been arrested for it, he'd have got a bed for the night! It's a win-win!
“Mike Weatherley introduced this law and is personally responsible for the death of Daniel and all other poor and homeless people who will die as a result of this disastrous legislation.
 Oh, give me a break! There are facilities for these people, but most either don't want to avail themselves of them for lord alone knows what reasons, or have been kicked out of them for abuse - of drugs, of alcohol, of the staff.
"Even worse he now wants to criminalise squatting in commercial properties too.”
Good! It's about time!
Mr Weatherley said he would be reporting the matter to the police.
Ah. And there's where I part company - this is not a matter for the police.

It isn't even libel.

It's just their opinion, and he'd be better off ignoring it. But this is the modern UK, where nothing can be done without a fuss and the authorities getting involved.


Robert the Biker said...

Another piece of sponging shit gone, flow my fucking tears.
I note how none of the whiners and handwringers are eager to put them up.

blueknight said...

However, 15 miles away..

A man’s body has been discovered in a derelict building in Haywards Heath. he body was found in the building that was The Mayflower pub in America Lane.

Police are not treating the death as suspicious.

The pub was sold in September 2012 by its owners Enterprise Inns and is boarded up...

JuliaM said...

"I note how none of the whiners and handwringers are eager to put them up."

Odd that, eh?

"However, 15 miles away.. "

Heh! I wonder how they'll blame this on him?