Thursday, 31 July 2008

Bergerac Would Have Gotten To The Bottom Of It!

Officers investigating decades of abuse at the home have discovered the partial remains of at least five youngsters but say there is unlikely to be a murder inquiry because they are unable to tell when exactly the children died.
They probably also can’t tell when the coconut snuffed it either….
More than 100 human bone fragments were also found at the site with one piece identified as coming from a child's leg and another from a child's ear.

Tests showed some fragments were cut while others were burnt, suggesting that murders had taken place and the victims' bodies had possibly been cremated in a fireplace.
Not quite true. Suggesting that ‘burning and cutting of bodies’ had taken place, surely?

It’s equally as possible that the remains are the results of attempts to cover up accidental deaths as they are murders. Criminal, yes, but not therefore ‘evidence of murders’.

Further details and analysis of this enquiry for those not inclined to follow the tabloid line down the road into moral panic can be found at the excellent Richard Webster’s blog site.

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