Monday, 21 July 2008

UK Army Multitasking: Enraging PETA and The Muslims At The Same Time…

A team of dogs is being trained to accompany SAS troops on parachute missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, it has been reported.

It is thought the German Shepherds are being taught to jump from aircraft at 25,000ft, strapped to members of special forces assault teams.

With tiny cameras fixed to their heads, the animals will be sent in before their human partners to hunt for Taliban or insurgent hideouts.
Yes, I can’t see any problem whatsoever with this plan….
An SAS source told the newspaper: "The dogs will be exposed to very high levels of danger on these operations and you never know what's going to be behind a door. Nobody wants to see the dogs get killed but if it's their life or a man's it is obvious which the CO would prefer."
It’s hard not to agree with that, but just imagine the headlines for the first fallen canine soldier…

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Anonymous said...

I hope the canine soldiers will be issued with bootees (as are the canine police in the UK). If not, there could be a serious diplomatic incident with our Afghan and Iraqi allies.