Sunday, 20 July 2008

Obama: "Whoa! Hold On..! Even I Don't Believe This Stuff I'm Coming Out With...!"

Barack Obama feels like he is carrying the hopes and dreams of people around the world on his shoulders – a burden his aides believe has created unrealistic expectations of what he can achieve if he becomes the first black president.
Heh. Yeah, who the hell gave them 'hopes' and 'dreams'..? Now it's "Look, I'm just a politician, I can't guarantee anything...what promises?...look, gotta run, thanks for voting!"

The wingnutosphere must be going into meltdown right about now... ;)


Anonymous said...

Mr Obama's spin machine says the following

"He is a bridge – between generations, ethnic groups, faiths and political parties – and, by showing respect and identifying our common ground, he unites people and is able to lead them."

Sounds a bit like what you lot say about young David.

F'nar F'nar


JuliaM said...

"Sounds a bit like what you lot say about young David."

'Us lot', Total Twat...? I think you are confused again.

The only thing I've ever said regarding Call Me Dave and bridges is that I couldn't care less if he jumped off one.

Go back to booze and self-abuse. You just aren't cutting it in blog commenting...

Anonymous said...

Please tell me your champion isn't John Redwood?


JuliaM said...

I don't have a 'champion'. I prefer not to rely on politicians to save me.

Only the weak-willed desire a 'champion' to make their life bearable... said...

Obama in the news you won't find on CNN