Sunday, 13 July 2008

No Angel, Then...?

A growing number of tributes was today being left at the scene where Sheffield teenager Tarek Chaiboub was killed in a suspected gangland shooting...

A "Spital Lane resident and mother" spoke about the pointless waste of life, while another message from a close friend, Sacha, read: "What can I say, baby, I never saw myself writing on flowers for you".
Hmmm, you'd think the fact he had just been released from hospital for surviving a stabbing might have tipped his friends off to his potential survivability, wouldn't you..?

Chief Superintendent Broadbent is looking on the positive side:
Mr Broadbent admitted the shooting was likely to have been gang-related and that the victim had been known to police "on a small number of occasions".

But he stressed members of the public are not at risk.

"We are quite satisfied the victim was the intended subject of the assault and he had been involved in some altercations previously. This city is still a safe place to live, work and visit."
I expect that's what Magda Pniewska thought about London...


Anonymous said...

Nice! The police tell us (officially I assume) that although gang warfare is a feature of modern Sheffield, as long as you're a "civilian" you should be OK. As to Ms Pniewska, that's OK too. Your reference article notes that "he [DCI Boughton] said that the killing was a “one-off incident”."

Had this happened now - per the latest chin music from Jacqui Smith - the scrotes involved would have been wheeled into the morgue to see Ms Pniewska's corpse, had an instant fit of remorse and gone on missionary work to . . er . . Sheffield?

Anonymous said...


"Your reference article notes that "he [DCI Boughton] said that the killing was a “one-off incident”.""

Yes, there's a lot of those... ;)