Thursday 31 July 2008

Going To Hell In A Handcart…

PARENTS and young children had a lucky escape after stone-throwing yobs smashed a bus window.

The safety glass in the side window of the number was splintered as 29 Arriva bus travelled between Wen-ham Drive and Gains- borough Drive, Southend.

Passengers leapt off the bus after the driver stopped in Fairfax Drive at 1.10pm on Tuesday, and gave chase to a gang of teenage yobs who were spotted throwing the stones.

They saw one of the boys, who is thought to be the ringleader, run into a house and then told police where he was.

Officers have arrested a 13-year-old boy on suspicion of criminal damage.
So far, so typical. But the response of those interviewed for the incident showed a worrying attitude:
Matt Halton (lives in Fairfax Drive and went to investigate):“There were babies and children sitting behind that window and it could have been really dangerous.

“The bus was pretty full and everyone was stood about on the pavement looking concerned. The driver was quite shocked.

“You don’t expect things like this to happen, but it’s because the kids have nothing to do around here.”
Sgt Les Hawkins, at Leigh police station: "...youngsters need to be aware of the consequences of their actions and the fact they could get arrested.

He said: “The possible implications of throwing stones at a bus don’t bear thinking about. Even at low speeds, a distracted bus driver could easily hit another vehicle, pedestrian or house.

“With the school holidays there is more chance of things like this happening.

It’s just a case of making youths aware there are things to do in the town.
Martin Terry, Independent councillor for West-borough ward: “It’s that type of community spirit we need to see.

The youths don’t have enough to do and we need more funding for children’s activities.”
No, No, NO!!! You idiots

It’s got nothing whatsoever to do with ‘boredom’, and throwing more money at these yobs is not the answer. God, I’d really expect nothing more from a councillor or even a local police officer, but even the member of public they interviewed was spouting the same tired old cliché.

Thankfully, the ‘Echo’ website allows reader comments, and theirs are far, far more sensible, and refuse to accept the mealy-mouthed excuses of their elected representatives and law enforcers. No wonder the powers-that-be are so keen to censor the Internet! Post on that coming soon…


Anonymous said...

This is one of my pet hates as well. Provision of clubs, sports facilities etc. have all been tried as a way to "meet their frustrations" but in my experience whatever facilities are made available to thugs like these are always burnt down or vandalised in no time at all.

I wish I had a new answer to this problem, but all I can come up with is the old answer - they need good fathers, discipline, and a clear framework laying down what they can and cannot do in society.

How very old fashioned of me.

Anonymous said...

"...they need good fathers, discipline, and a clear framework laying down what they can and cannot do in society."

Precisely. Without that grounding, what will money and resources get you?