Tuesday, 8 July 2008

“'Due Diligence'..? What's that?”

A pregnant council officer has been jailed for two years for stealing £110,000 and sending much of the money to her mother in Nigeria.

Bintu Tijani, 35, a children's services manager for Peterborough City Council, drew up fake invoices to steal 10% of her department's annual budget.
She doesn’t appear to have been exactly a model employee in other respects:
He said she was caught by council fraud investigators following her suspension from work on an unrelated matter in October 2007.

Tijani, responsible for an annual budget of £1.2m for child support strategy, was sacked a month later and the evidence was passed to police.
Ah, well, can’t be helped, really. I mean, how could the council know that they were employing a thief? Oh, wait:
She got the job at the council in May 2004, despite having disclosed a criminal conviction from 10 years earlier for credit card fraud.
So, she disclosed a criminal conviction for fraud, yet the council gave her a £1.2m budget to run…?

Epic fail, Peterborough council!

Still, it’s only taxpayers’ money, after all.


Ross said...

Someone who prevents social workers spending all that money can't be all bad.

JuliaM said...

Lol! Every cloud does have a silver lining after all... ;)

DJ said...

Yep, it's quite the moral dileema. Is stealing necessarily bad if the money was going to be used to fund harassment of innocent families ?