Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Not A Bad 'Wage' For A Few Days Work...

Coming directly on the heels of yesterday’s story, here’s yet another betrayal of trust:

A work experience sixth-former who stole thousands from one of the world's top international law firms has been jailed for five months.

Within three days of joining Freshfields, Titilayo Olaifa used their computer system to help generate a string of company cheques.
Having forged her boss's signatures she then paid them into her bank.
So far, so typical. But the disturbing part is here:
The teenager was identified, confronted with her "breach of trust" and promptly confessed.

But when questioned by police she refused to say what had happened to the money, none of which has been recovered.
Oh, well, the company will just have to chalk it up to experience, eh..?
Olaifa, now 19, of Chatsworth Road, Clapton, east London, pleaded guilty to one count of theft and one of "fraud by abuse of position" in June last year

She bowed her head in apparent shame as Judge Martin Beddoe told her: "I cannot accept you did not fully appreciate exactly what you were doing, how serious this was in terms of breach of trust, how serious in terms of the amount you were trying to engineer away and how serious the consequences could have been if the matters caught up with you.
I don’t think that was shame. I think she just didn’t want the judge to see her laughing.

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