Tuesday, 29 July 2008

New Labour: Tough On Crime, Tough On….Oh, Let’s Just Forget That One..!

The new Ministry of Justice reforms to the law have been published
today and the demands made by the various feminists and penal system pressure groups appear to have been heeded:
According to the Ministry of Justice the reforms are an attempt to redress a centuries-old disparity in how the laws impact on men and women.

They say it is currently too easy for men to defend killing an unfaithful female partner, and too difficult for women with violent male partners to mount a similar defence.
New Labour – making life easier and less stressful for future killers. Great epitaph, Mr Blair and Mr Brown…
Harriet Harman, the Deputy Labour Leader and Women's Secretary, told the Daily Telegraph: "The lawyers call it the 'nagging and s*******' defence - men kill their partners and explain it away by saying that she was unfaithful or was planning to leave him.
"It's unacceptable if you've lost a sister, or a mother, to then be told it's her fault because she provoked him.

"Changing the law will end this injustice of women being killed by their husband and the injustice of them then being blamed. And it will end the injustice of the perpetrators making excuses saying it's not their fault.''
Except, of course, it won’t do any such thing. The law is just a piece of paper – it’s people who create it and bring it to life. And they haven’t done a bang-up job so far, have they?
Parents who kill a paedophile they catch molesting their child will also be among the select group able to plead not guilty to murder, under the shake-up. Rape victims who retaliate against a taunting attacker will also be able to legitimately claim they had been provoked, and plead manslaughter.

The Ministry of Justice also suggested that the defence could also be open to a person engaged in a long-running feud with a neighbour which ended in one being killed.
Terrific! Mr Jones next door borrows your tools and doesn’t return them, throws his snails over the fence into your cabbages, refuses to trim his laylandii…? Kill him and get a lesser sentence!
Maria Eagle, the Justice Minister, insisted that the "slow burn" defence in cases of long-term suffering would be given a high threshold.

She said: "This is a substantial change. But we would not want to introduce anything that would allow cold, calculating killers to get away with it."
Insist all you want, love. Once this law is brought onto the books, it’ll be the same bunch of CPS clowns, greedy lawyers and out of touch judges putting it into practice as before.

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