Friday, 18 July 2008

More Bad News For Gordon…

Prudence has deserted him, and the vultures are circling his rotting carcase:
Gordon Brown's strict fiscal rules on borrowing are likely to be ditched as a result of the credit crisis, the Treasury has confirmed.

The Conservatives accused the Prime Minister of abandoning his reputation for economic competence, after officials said that the requirement for public sector borrowing to be kept below 40 per cent of the economy was being re-examined.
Trade Unions are to hand Gordon Brown a list of 130 demands as they increase the pressure on the Prime Minister to bow to more left wing policies.

In a co-ordinated move, general secretaries have compiled a set of policy proposals they wish to see implemented, including the right to take supportive strike action, scrapping NHS prescription charges and bringing all hospital cleaning back in house.
What’s that strapline for McDonalds again..?

Oh, yeah: “I’m lovin’ it!”…..


patently said...

Did you hear that hissing noise? It was the sound of the last vestige of respect for Gordon slipping away....

Anonymous said...

Personally, mine slipped away a long, long time ago.

And if it hadn't, then turning on the tv last night to watch him take up almost the whole of 'The One Show', while being pitched gentle softball questions by the usual team, would have been enough to have done it!

The sheer contempt for the electorate was palpable...