Friday, 26 February 2010

Anyone Want To Bet...?

...that when we get the background on the savages who murdered Gurmail Singh there will be a startling contrast between their lives and his?
A post-mortem examination showed Mr Singh suffered at least nine blows to the head, probably from a hammer.

Police said two 17-year-olds and an 18-year-old were being held.
Think of that. Nine blows. Count to nine, and imagine how long that attack actually took. And how pointless the last six blows probably were...
More than 30 bunches of flowers have been laid outside Mr Singh's home, which is just a short distance from his store.

One of the tributes read: "In memory of a gentle gentleman."

Another, apparently written by a young child and accompanied by a youngster's picture, read: "You were a nice man. Very kind all the time. Helpful. Shouldn't have been killed."

The tribute finished: "You had a nice shop."
No doubt - when the trial takes place - we will hear the usual suspects bleating about poverty and deprivation, skating nicely over the fact that, while Mr Singh had a 'nice shop', it wasn't exactly Harrods, nor was it in the middle of Mayfair.

I expect they will plead 'provocation' or even self defence, as if a shopkeeper defending his property is on the same footing as beasts in human form.

Already, the politicians are carefully choosing their words, so as not to upset anyone:
Speaking in the House of Commons earlier, deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman paid tribute to Mr Singh.

She said: "I want to express my sincerest condolences to the family for what is an absolutely tragic loss of life, an absolutely tragic situation."
Gurmail Singh didn't 'lose' his life, you increasingly-useless waste of skin; it was taken from him.


Ed said...

This reminds me of that scene in This Is England.

JuliaM said...

Yes! Although, an 'X' rated version of it...

English Viking said...

A couple of quid would cover the cost of the bullets needed to rid the world of this filth. You could pay the man that pulls the trigger if you want to, but I'll do it for free.

JuliaM said...

"A couple of quid would cover the cost of the bullets needed to rid the world of this filth."

I think if you held a whipround amongst his neighbours and customers, you'd get enough for the scum and their useless, parasitical families too...

Surreptitious Evil said...

Sorry, did you just mistakenly suggest that, at one point in her life, there might have been a use for Harriet Harman?

Anonymous said...

SE, we could melt down her ample arse to make votive candles.