Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lee Karnovski Must Work For The Post Office...

...because who else would think this was a good use of scarce council resources:
“When there’s one incident police report to the LEA they should immediately send out a blanket letter to the whole of Kent to make sure children are aware of stranger danger because there are people travelling around who don’t stick to one area.

“Eventually it’d be good to have it nationwide. It would mean children everywhere have that extra chance of being safe.

It’s so important we protect our kids.
Jesus wept...!

That has to be the worst bit of 'For the chiiilllldreeeenn!' I've seen since, well, the last one.

Look, you dozy mare,there's no point whatsoever blanketing the whole of Kent with letters about a 'stranger danger'.

You've set up a Facebook group, you are chatting to your equally dim and hysterical friends about it (Leonora Buyers: “Our children's safety is at stake.” Amelia Forder: “Most let their children run a few yards ahead of them but not now, because they know it can just take a split second.”), and you've all raised sufficient awareness of it that the officials are already scurrying to avoid bad publicity:
The council’s area education officer, Simon Webb, said: “That won’t happen because any response by any school has to be proportionate to the level of alert.

“We would send out a letter within the immediate locality of where an incident’s happened but it doesn’t need to be any wider than that.

“We don’t want to cause any unnecessary alarm.”

However Mr Webb says in future where there are multiple incidents involving one suspect, all schools will now be instructed to tell parents.
But that's not good enough.

Lee Karnovski wants everyone, everywhere - parents or not - to get a letter telling them the vital information that 'a white man in his 30s who drives a silver car' is a potential threat to chiiillldreeen everywhere...

These women have the vote, people! Aren't you horrified? I certainly am...

Update: Oh, crap, now the 'Daily Fail!' weighs in...


Dungeekin said...

Saw an example of this paranoid Chiiiiildrenism at The Boy's kids footie club on Saturday.

I wonder if the paranoid parents realise the potential damage they're inflicting upon their offspring?


Anonymous said...

We need someone like this in Aberdeen. Have a look on Old Holborn site

PT Barnum said...

Is the scary stranger magically contained by the borders of Kent? Or do these people not give a stuff about the children of Essex and Sussex?

JuliaM said...

"Saw an example of this paranoid Chiiiiildrenism at The Boy's kids footie club on Saturday."

Oh, good grief!

"We need someone like this in Aberdeen. Have a look on Old Holborn site"

Mmm, been looking at that. Will put something up later today. Very strange case...

"Is the scary stranger magically contained by the borders of Kent? "

Maybe by a ring of salt? ;)

Have been 'discussing' this on the newspaper forum, and one mother is now seemingly complaining that they have been misquoted and they meant all LEAs and not all residents.

I think. It's hard to tell, what with the mispellings, the unnecessary capitaliasation and punctuation, and the allegations that I'm some sort of monster myself, because I don't care about chiiilllreeenn! as much as they do...

Roue le Jour said...

What we really need is a series of loudspeakers on poles that could sound an alarm when a paedo is spotted. Parents could then grab their kids and head for the paedo shelter until the "All Clear".

Such a system could also be used for public announcements such as the timing of curfews etc.

Anonymous said...

Keep Fear going...all the time! Busy doing nothing syndrome.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

I rather think Lee Karnovski does not work for the Post Office. What would postmen want with letters? They get paid whatever happens, so why would they actually want to work?

Anonymous said...

JulieM, you really must get your facts straight before openining a forum for discussion on this matter.
The LEA will not insist that head teachers notify parents and children if an attempted abduction has been made. Simple as that.
The police released the information about the silver car etc, not the facebook group.
The particular appeal regarding the silver mercedes is one of many different incidents reported, different discriptions, different cars.
As some schools were not raising the issue of safety with the children, Ms Karnovksi found this unacceptable, after they had received a RED ALERT warning from the police to do so.
PT Barum as stated by Ms Karnovski this is something she would like to see adopted by all LEAS, not just in Kent.
Julia you as always a missing the point, I notice that you seem to comment on every news paper article published!! and yet you have personally slated these women for having too much time on their hands, pot calling the kettle black springs to mind!
Why do you hide behide a false user name when you feel so strongly about everyone elses actions?? Come out of the closet Julia be brave, or are you in fear that people will start to personally attack you for what you are, a self opionated busy body, getting the facts wrong and quite frankly boring people to death!!

Anonymous said...

Ranter busy doing nothing!! Isnt that what you do all day long, writing your comments on these blogs. Yawn Yawn, you say you hate this country, simple LEAVE!!

Anonymous said...

A bit confused by your statement, schools have parentmail now, very little cost involved. Letters in the school bag another form of communication, but letters being sent out by post???? Never heard of any school doing this! So makes your statement rather silly really.