Tuesday, 23 February 2010

St Norman And The Dragon

Former Cabinet minister Norman Tebbit was last night accused of attacking a child who was dressed as a ceremonial Chinese dragon.

Lord Tebbit, 78, ran outside his house after revellers celebrating Chinese New Year in the street at a nearby restaurant started banging a drum and cymbals.

He is alleged to have run into the crowd, put his hands over the drums and then kicked the rear of a child who was dressed in the traditional costume dragon.
Tut tut.

There was no need for physical violence. I'm quite sure he could have resolved this with a call to the council, after all:
Bomb disposal squads preparing for Afghanistan have been barred from carrying out controlled explosions because they are too noisy.
I'm sure the council would deal as harshly with people celebrating their culture as they do with people training to keep themselves and their comrades alive in a war zone.

Wouldn't they?


Umbongo said...

In the story, the Mail notes that Lord Tebbit got his "knuckles wrapped for my pains."

How nice for Lord T. Maybe one day we'll all have our knuckles wrapped along with the Peking Duck. What happened to the sub-editors at the Mail?

JuliaM said...

Oh, good lord..! What is happening to education in this country?

Perhaps the 'Mail' is contracting out its subbing to Aussie, like the 'Telegraph'?