Monday, 15 February 2010

Election Promises

The issue of pensioners’ care looks set to form a key election battleground, with a new report warning that an estimated 1.7 million more people will need to be looked after in their old age in 20 years’ time.
And so Lab and Con go to war to cast the other side as 'tough on pensioners, tough on the causes of pensioners'...
Labour accused the Conservatives of misleading the public about the Government’s plans, after the party issued posters claiming that ministers were proposing to introduce a £20,000 “death tax” .
So, they aren't planning this, then?
But the Prime Minister repeatedly failed to respond to Mr Cameron’s demand that he rule out a compulsory inheritance levy.

And as the 'Mail' notes, it's all getting very nasty:
Several MPs heard Mr Burnham shout at Mr Lansley in the Commons: ‘You told me you wanted to reach a consensus on this, and now your lot make wild allegations against us. You have bloody shafted me and you should be bloody ashamed of yourself. You’ve blown it.’
Why on earth should the opposition want to reach a consensus? Do they know what the term 'opposition' means? Do they think it's what the voters want?

I don't. Nor does Ranting Stan. If a policy is just plain wrong, it's their duty to oppose it.

Naturally, councils are making dire predictions:
Council leaders have warned that they do not have enough funds to pay for the additional services they will be required to provide.

David Rogers, of the Local Government Association, said: “Councils would like to be in a position to offer help to every resident who would benefit.

“However, the recent economic downturn means councils are faced with ever harder decisions on the use of valuable public funds together with increased demand and rising expectations.”
Good. You’ll be scrapping all your useless anti-smoking campaigns and diversity teams and environmental projects then, in order to save money for this, will you?

Thought not…

So the OAPs have become the VIVs (Very Important Voters) once again. Happens every election year.

Although, if this chart over at Angry Exile's is correct, it's going to be an interesting one for a lot of reasons...

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