Wednesday, 17 February 2010

You Can Always Rely On 'Daily Mail' Readers... get straight to the point!

On an article on how the government plans to squander yet more taxpayer dosh on its 'anti obesity' drive, this time targeting the middle-aged, Tony from Buckingham posts this comment:
"I agree totally

I am going to work hard to shed 15 stone of useless May"


Costello said...

Oh that is good.

Mike said...

Bye for now Julia. I’m off tomorrow morning to court. I will change my plea to guilty and probably be sentenced for a few months in choky. My crime, harassment, allegedly. I am not guilty but considering the system and my state of mind there’s little point in hoping for sense or justice.

An ex, single mother, who got herself pregnant by her ex husband while their relationship was failing dramatically and having understood for some time starting a family was not a good idea or wanted. And yes it takes two but I’m sure during the death throws of their relationship they had their moments. He is now as he was when we were together perused unrelentingly for anything and everything for a responsibility he had little or no choice in. Funny I feel sympathy for him because by all accounts he sounds like a proper shit. Anyhow, I met her, cleared her debts, fixed up the home and rented out a second home she owned to good tenants that still pay her rent. This is the woman that stood by me during my rape trial. She had no way of knowing if I was guilty or innocent other than my actions during our relationship and that, apparently was enough for her. You know the rest, ie at the eleventh hour independant witnesses came to court to tell of my accusers lies.

So what brought us to this? Peer pressure became a massive problem for her in respect of me being accepted in her world. At the end of our relationship she said I love you but have been trying to get rid of you for ages, I’ve treated you horribly to encourage you to make the decision but think that you’ve been treated so badly before it’s like water of a ducks back.

I gave her back the keys to her house, threw myself into my job and the gym.

After a few months she wanted a few hundred pounds to pay some bills. I gave her the cash. The police visited me to warn me not to contact her again. I felt used and angry. Then she started at the gym, so I found another one and gave up my membership. She followed me to the shops, waited outside and as I emerged called the police who promptly arrested me. My biggest mistake was sending an Email telling her I had quit the gym and asking her to leave me alone now.

Its just bollox, like she didn’t just want the end of the relationship but to destroy me in the process and I don’t know why. I owe her nothing, the only person who got physical during any rows we had was her, its almost like she’s punishing me for her problems not ours or mine. And the police, CPS are all over it like a fucking rash.

I give up. I don’t have the energy and I’m sad. Sad that people are like this, hateful, hurtful and selfish.

Sorry again to hijack your blog and I'm sure I won't be missed ;o)

JuliaM said...

"I am not guilty but considering the system and my state of mind there’s little point in hoping for sense or justice."

I'm sorry to hear that, Mike, and you certainly will be missed.

Here's hoping your fears prove unfounded, and you draw a judge not too influenced by Hattie Harman's corrosive views...

"...its almost like she’s punishing me for her problems not ours or mine."

People have done this for centuries, and it used to be recognised within the justice system that it was a possible outcome of relationships. Sadly, for some people, this was political advantage, and now here we are.

Has it made the justice system 'better'? Has it improved the lives of the sad women and men who resort to it?

I'd have to say 'No' on both count...

Good luck today.

Gibby Haynes said...

Remember to shank the biggest, scariest-looking guy on your first day, Mike. Then they'll assume you're crazy and leave you alone in the showers.
Seriously though - good luck. Some people are basically just assholes. And it looks like you managed to get into a relationship with one. Be strong, take care of yourself and try not to let things get on top of you.