Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Marketing FAIL!

Grieving parents of a young woman who died after taking a ‘legal high’ were appalled to be sent free samples in the post.
Her parents Margaret and Robin Moyle, of Cant Way, Braintree, were recently sent two sachets of a stimulant called Recharge from an online company that Sarah bought Ivory Wave from.
Mind you, it’s not like any company routinely checks the obituary column to see if its product has killed the customer yet, is it?
Mrs Moyle, 60, said: “We just can’t believe they had the audacity to send it through the post."
A courier would have been better..?


Chuckles said...

She died after taking bath salts???
Sending bath salts throught the post???
Either I've led a sheltered life, or misunderstood the instructions for use, cos nothing on the Radox packet struck me as particularly hazardous.

Little yellow duck said...

It's not the bath salts that gets you in the end. It's the depth of the water in the bath...

banned said...

Chuckles, I gather that these things are marketed as 'bath salts' or 'tomato food' or whatever to keep the authorities off the track for as long as possible as news of yet another not quite illegal drug spreads by word of mouth and the net.

A non-story if ever there was one, company sends stuff out to it's mailing list, I expect that there was a bill too indicating that poor dead Sarah was nit the little innocent that her parents try to imagine.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Milk! Now THAT is BLOODY dangerous!

Any CLUE how many people have drunk milk, or something with milk in, or eaten something with milk in, within 24 hours of them dying?

Must be 99% so it must.

BLOODY dangerous is milk.

BAN it RIGHT now!!!!

JuliaM said...

"Either I've led a sheltered life, or misunderstood the instructions for use..."

The clues were in the words 'legal high'. As Chuckles points out, she wasn't relaxing in the tub with it.

Well, she probably was, but not in the usual way!

"A non-story if ever there was one..."


"BLOODY dangerous is milk."

It's OK, because an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Oh. Wait...