Friday, 16 August 2019

Common Elements...

Decent, hardworking victim:
Mr Duncan's family said in a statement: 'Peter was a kind and caring man who was always first to help others.
'He was a devoted father, husband, son, brother, uncle and friend and loved by all who knew him. His death will leave such a huge hole in our lives.'
Utter scum waste of oxygen perps:
Stephen Humphries, 34, a waiter, added: 'There was a group of people around the guy on the floor, clutching his chest. There was a group of young lads running around shouting, they did not seem too bothered.
'The young lads were swearing and saying 'he was going to get it' and 'it was coming to him'.'
Ineffective revolving door criminal justice system:
Chief Superintendent Ged Noble said the inquiry into Mr Duncan's death is at an early stage but said it appears he was attacked at the entrance to the shopping centre.
He added: 'We have very quickly made seven arrests. The persons involved are known to us.'
This latest murder is a microcosm of modern UK life, isn't it?


DJ said...

Murder? You're optimistic than I am. . Given that CPS will let anyone cop a plea, the courts will accepts all manner of 'the disease made me do it' psychobabble and defence briefs can introduce any old crap - no evidence required ('e was raciss, init?'), I'm guessing five years for manslaughter might be as good as it gets.

Ted Treen said...


Five years? - Only in our wildest dreams; and no chance of the life with hard labour without parole which is so clearly called for.

Anonymous said...

There is a tribe in Papua New Guinea who take revenge on someone close to the original offer. Notwithstanding the moral implications, it seems to stop people committing crime/assaults/rapes if they think their wife, mother, daughter or other relative may be on the end of a revenge attack. Perhaps us 'civilised societies' could learn from the third world?

JuliaM said...

"Murder? You're optimistic than I am. ."

Oh, yes. When they announced the murder of that PC at the weekend, my first thought was 'they'll bargain that down to manslaughter'..

"...and no chance of the life with hard labour without parole which is so clearly called for."

A noose is what is so clearly called for.

"Perhaps us 'civilised societies' could learn from the third world?"

Given these perps are well known, their relatives almost certainly aren't innocent.