Thursday, 1 August 2019

Well, Well, Well...

An 18-year-old convicted of a city centre stabbing will now be locked up after a judge ruled his previous sentence was "too lenient".
Edi Gomes, of Springhead Court, Bulwell, was convicted of a stabbing in Burton Street on March 8 after he pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and possessing a bladed article.
On Friday (July 26), the Court of Appeal ruled his previous non-custodial sentence was too lenient and he should be locked up.
That's a nice surprise. It's usually the other way around!


Feral said...

There should be zero tolerance for carrying knives. Immediate prison sentence for carrying plus a further sentence for using. His sentence should have been longer.

Anonymous said...

To a certain extent, I agree with the above (first) comment, but in reality it is something that will never happen. It would take a Home Secretary, Police forces, and judiciary less WokenSS than they are at present. The government will not pay for more prisons to alleviate the current over occupied prisons available although introducing more 'punishment and then rehabilitation' policies, as the military prisons do (or did) rather than HMP Butlins, would no doubt help to prevent recidivism and the need for building new nicks. Won't hold my breath with the current bunch of tossers of all parties.

JuliaM said...

"There should be zero tolerance for carrying knives."

There should. But for the reasons Penseivat outlines, don't hold your breath.