Monday, 19 August 2019

I Guess 'Promising Footballer' Isn't A Cliche After All...

One resident, 50, told the Sun Online: 'I saw the body on the door path. People said it was two or three boys who attacked him.
'He tried to knock the door, saying, 'Help me'. People were scared, that is why nobody opened.'
Mr Smith had played youth football for Southampton but had 'gone off the rails' after he was released from the club, according to friends.
*rolls eyes*
The victim was the 15th teenager to be murdered in London this year - 14 of whom have been fatally stabbed, and the 75th teenager to be killed in the capital since Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor just three years ago.
Tourists staying at the four-star Melia White House Hotel, just yards from the scene, told of their shock. Jose Blanco, 20, a student from the Dominican Republic who is staying at the hotel with his family, said: 'I had heard about rising crime in London on the news, but I didn't expect someone to be killed next to my hotel.'
Nei Barbosa, 48, from Paraná in Brazil, is staying at the hotel on his first visit to London with his partner Carla. He said: 'We thought that London was extremely safe. I can't believe someone was killed just outside our hotel. We will definitely be very careful for the rest of our stay.'
When people from Dominica and Brazil say they feel unsafe, you know something's not right!
A construction manager, 52, who was working in Regent's Place opposite the hotel, said: 'Come on Boris, sort it out! We have been too weak for too long.
'I say bring it on to stop and search. People say it's racist, but if you are not carrying anything you've got nothing to worry about.'
A logistics worker, 24, delivering drinks to the hotel, said: 'It's sad. It's just kids killing kids. They don't think about how it will affect their families.
'Look around you: there's a Lamborghini right there, with a nice hotel and fancy apartments next to it. A boy was stabbed nearby.
'It's symbolic. Kids don't want to work these days. They listen to songs and want to get rich quick by doing terrible things.'
Time Priti Patel listened to these people, and not the excusers on the Left.


Ted Treen said...


Utterly brilliant - shame for the necessity of such a pun, though.

Ted Treen said...

"Promising footballer" - well it's either that or "Aspiring rapper".

Seems dangerous though, as most of those 'aspiring' seem to end up 'expiring'.

JuliaM said...

"Seems dangerous though, as most of those 'aspiring' seem to end up 'expiring'."


So long as there's no collateral damage, let them fight...